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Katt prepares some of the best food I've ever tasted...clean, efficient, punctual, and professional. You can tell that she loves what she does!

- Judy Lefler, High School Teacher


I have severe food allergies, and also travel on business. The busy
schedule, along with the restrictions was a challenge until I met Katt.
She saw opportunity instead of limitations, and custom designed a series
of meals that I can eat at home, or that I can take with me on road trips.
She is creative, and always goes above and beyond to meet my needs--and
my preferences. Recently, she even created a series of tasty salad
dressings without vinegar so I could have options other than just olive
oil. I highly recommend Katt to anyone who is looking for a flavorful,
easy dining experience.

Barbara Blackburn, President, Blackburn Consulting Group


Katt is a wonderful chef. Her food is tasty and healthy at the same time. She has been such an asset to our family. Now when we have a hectic day coming up instead of calling out for pizza we can have a homemade healthy meal ready for us when we get home. I would highly recommend her services to anyone. Once you meet her and try her food you will be sold!



Katt's personal chef service has truly been a godsend for my aging parents and for their concerned daughter (me)! My Mother and Father have chronic health problems which limit their ability to shop for food and also their desire to prepare the well balanced meals they need. Also, aging palettes (sp?) often require special cooking skills to keep food tastey and interesting. Katt cooks for my parents once a month and packages individual servings for the freezer which can then be thawed a few days ahead and be ready to eat after a minute or less in the microwave. They love the food and the variety of menus she has provided for them to choose from. Although they have no special food related health concerns, her skills bring out the best in the food without using artificial additives, extra sugar or salt, or added fats for cooking. Best of all, the cost of the service is more than reasonable when the cost of the ingredients, lack of food waste, time spent preparing and packaging the meals, convenience, choice, and the peace of mind from knowing my parents are eating healthy well balanced meals are all considered. She is one "find" I will not give up!


- Tennie Allen, Daughter and Pharmacist



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