Need a Food Coach?

Are you newly diagnosed with food sensitivities or allergies? 
Have you been struggling for awhile to find safe, satisfying food options?
I can help.
I know first-hand how uncomfortable the wrong food makes you feel. Over the years, I’ve helped clients navigate food sensitivities and understand how important it is to carefully select and prepare ingredients based on your needs and your tastes. My service is all about helping you feel normal again, while relaxing and enjoying your meals.

Imagine that you love chicken parmesan. But you cannot enjoy it made the traditional way without feeling terrible afterwards. Maybe it is because of the gluten in the bread crumb coating or the egg that holds it all together. I can modify recipes, such as chicken parmesan, so you can have old favorites without feeling discomfort.

Katt is absolutely an angel to work with – especially if you have food allergies. She has delicious menus prepared for her clients to choose from and then she adapts the ingredients to meet your food allergy needs! Jennifer S.