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A selection of side dishes



All entrees include a choice of side dish unless otherwise stated. Some entrees such as stews, baked pasta or potpies where vegetables are already in the dish would not include a side dish.

The following prices include:

  • menu preparation, specific to your taste and diet requirements.
  • shopping, at your preferred grocery store.
  • cooking, right in your kitchen.
  • packaging with detailed heating instructions.
  • clean-up, all you see is a fridge full of delicious meals and a kitchen full of great aromas.

Package Pricing:

Traditional Package, includes sides:

5x4 (20 meals) $285 + groceries
4x4 (16 meals) $ 255 + groceries
3x4 (12 meals) $ 225 + groceries

Example; 20 meals (5 different entrees x 4 servings of each, plus 5 different side items)

Fresh made meals labled and stored

Entrees Only:

5x4 (20 entrees) $255 + groceries
4x4 (16 entrees) $225 + groceries
3x4 (12 entrees) $195 + groceries


2 serving packages:

6x2 (12 meals) $265 + groceries
5x2 (10 meals) $235 + groceries
4x2 (8 meals) $205 + groceries
3x2 (6 meals) $175 + groceries

Example; 12 meals (6 different entrees x 2 servings of each, plus 6 different sides)

*To add an extra side to a package; $15 per side.
Service may be weekly, biweekly, or monthly.

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