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Broccoli Salad, Katt style!


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


What is a personal chef?

Personal Chef is a chef that prepares meals specific to your diet/taste right in your kitchen. The service usually is on a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly schedule.

What does Katt In The Kitchen specialize in?

Chef Katt’s specialty is cooking real food from real ingredients. All her meals are made from scratch, using fresh produce, dairy, meats and seafood. Chef Katt believes you are what you eat!

I have diet restrictions; can I use Katt In The Kitchen’s services?

Absolutely! Learning you have an allergic reaction to an everyday ingredient is daunting. However, with some modification to the ingredient list in regular recipes, you can still eat your favorite foods. Let Chef Katt know your restrictions and you can work out a meal plan together, to modify recipes that are compatible with your dietary requirements.

Can Katt In The Kitchen’s help me lose weight?

Weight loss begins when you make a change in your eating habits and making smart food choices. You will take the first step by having your meals prepared by Katt In The Kitchen. Real ingredients, real food. No added or hidden sugars. Your meals will also be portioned controlled, so you will not be tempted to over eat.

Is Chef Katt in the professional nutrition field?

Chef Katt is not a dietitian or a nutritionist. She does work with clients that have diet issues and with great results. Having nutritious, made from scratch meals waiting in your fridge for you will help you adhere to the advice given to you by the medical profession. No tempting frozen pizza or sugary cereal for dinner!!

Can the meals be delivered to my home?

As a Personal Chef, Katt In The Kitchen prepares the meals, dinner party or catered event in your kitchen. State law prohibits the use of a personal kitchen to prepare food to sell. (Unless as a business you have a State inspected kitchen, as restaurants do.)

Do I need to have any special pots, pans or appliances?

Nope, no at all! Chef Katt brings ALL she needs to cook with, bar the stove, sink and fridge!! On your initional assessment Chef Katt will make sure all appliances work correctly and that you have enough room in your fridge or freezer to store your meals.

How far will Chef Katt travel?

Katt in the Kitchen will gladly provide our personal chef service to the greater Raleigh area. Our home base is in North East Raleigh. I will travel 25 miles from home to cook wholesome fresh meals in your kitchen. Any distance over 25 miles will incur a trip charge.

Can I afford a Personal Chef?

When you consider the time it takes to plan, shop, cook, and clean up for each meal Katt In The Kitchen provides a very affordable service. Each nutritious meal is prepared to your specific taste/requirement. Restaurant quality food right in your home, with none of the hidden sugar, fats or salt. Yes, it’s affordable!

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