Looking for healthy meals without all the hassle?

Let me cook for you! I’ll create fantastic dishes based on your preferences and restrictions.

Food sensitivities or allergies?

We can work together to put together a satisfying, tasty menu
in which are your restrictions are incorporated.

AND I’ll do the shopping, cooking and cleaning up!

Katt Bonner

Who I am

Irish born, but North Carolinian at heart, I am a mom, wife and a Chef!
Katt Bonner

What I do

I use REAL ingredients to make REAL food to suit your personal needs.
Katt Bonner

Why Choose Me?

Let me do the planning, shopping, cooking and cleanup, all in your own home!
When I met Kathleen I had just moved into Raleigh and was constantly eating out all the time. Thankfully, she consistently cooked creative meals in a professionally scheduled manner that made me say yes all the time. Almost four years later she’s still making it happen! Thank you Katt in the Kitchen! Jorge S.